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Interview with Backend developer Honza

People of LOGEX26.Months.3 2020

Let´s continue with a series of interviews with our colleagues in Brno and interview with Jirka is followed by another one this month. This time with Honza who works at LOGEX as a Backend Developer.

What have you done before LOGEX?

I was working as a software developer for big international company in Ostrava. Later on I moved to Brno and worked remotely for them. I was also a lector at another IT company training center and taught maths and programming. And sometimes I earned some money by playing the piano or the accordion at small parties, celebrations or playing in a restaurant.

And why did you choose to start at LOGEX?

I had a feeling that I wasn’t growing in the previous company, and that even though I really enjoyed working there I had to move on. I got in touch with a recruitment agency and spoke to a number of companies, and I chose LOGEX for several reasons. The first was the approach of the people I met there. I liked the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Also I got the sense from my interview that the people really cared about their work and were open to discussion. And of course the view from the office. To sit on top floor of Titanium looking over Brno is a dream come true! And English. All other companies were strictly Czech speaking. Oh and a fridge full of food? Hell yeah!

What did you want to become as a child?

Famous footballer, piano legend, PC games programmer and catholic priest.

And in the end you became a Backend Developer, can you describe your role and which project you are working on now?

I´m currently working for the backend for a tool called “Codman”, a tool named after Ernest Amory Codman, which allows medical professionals to analyse and compare patient outcomes. We are currently reimplementing some older PHP-based web applications to .NET Core APIs and changing the whole system for the newest technologies possible. It’s very nice to start something afresh and remove some legacy code in the process.

What do you like about LOGEX and its working environment and company culture?

I like that my colleagues are interested in reason and discussion. And of course the relaxed and calm atmosphere. Also since the team I am in is fairly new, so we have the freedom to define our own processes as we see fit – code reviews, using Onion architecture, more unit testing, integration testing, discussions about technologies etc. I also like that we are encouraged to come with our own solutions and we can always do some research for the best possible one.

If you should say only one thing which is the best thing at LOGEX?

Again I must mention the support of everyone involved. Everybody from business, managers, devops, FE, BE is eager to help with anything. You just write someone a quick message on Slack and ask what you need. And that we are encouraged to have a stupid questions. That’s something I really appreciate :D

On the other hand, is there anything you would like to change in LOGEX?

I don’t see anything that I would miss here. If there one thing I really want to change, it’s these legacy PHP applications project and we are working on that, almost finished :D

According to the current situation all of us are working remotely permanently so where and how do you spend your home office, do you take any advantages from that?

Well, I was working from my flat in Brno, but after 3 weeks I temporarily moved back in with my parents in a village close to Ostrava. So I can go out with the dog or help in the garden, so that I don’t ever feel imprisoned. I must say I am pleasantly surprised that I can do Home Office for so long and don’t feel that it makes me less productive on anything. I plan to use this to work and travel a little bit once the restrictions are relaxed and the borders open up.

And on the other hand what do you miss by working remotely?

I’m always enjoying the present moment as it is, so I can’t say I really miss anything. But I wish I picked up those 2 large screens I have in the office …

What do you do in your free time?

Well I’m keen musician. So playing all my instruments, currently mostly piano and singing. It’s really not easy to be quarantined with me :D

Why would you recommend LOGEX to others?

For all the reasons above. Atmosphere, support, technologies, discussions, offices and freedom of speech. Nothing is too hard to handle in a place like this.

Thank you for the interview :)

Honza na jeho oblíbené akci chmelobraní

Honza na jeho oblíbené akci chmelobraní

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